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Hello and Welcome to the Integrated Marketing Portal (IMP)

 We are proud to introduce you to a marketing management tool that we are certain will improve the way you currently manage your business marketing. 

Imagine being able to market in minutes. 6 minutes to be precise*. That’s all the time our users need to design, send and post effective email, direct mail and social media campaigns while tracking the results headache free. You have to try it to believe it.

* based on current client case study  

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Multiple Channels, Multiple Touches, Get Clients Attention

In order to keep your clients informed about new products, services or offerings, it's essential to keep in constant contact across multiple channels. Email, Direct Mail, Search Engines, Social Media, Landing Pages, and Texting are all ways in which clients and prospects have come to expect how they want to be communicated with. That’s where our Integrated Marketing Portal can be a marketer’s best friend. Our platform helps marketers navigate the many different channels both efficiently and effectively.