Email Marketing

Integrated Marketing Budgets Go Toward Email

Direct mail is still very effective, Search Engine Marketing very important but Email seems to lead the spending trend today according to a recent survey of professional marketers. This article written by Phil Britt, Contributing Writer for direct marketing news does point out that more email is not always the best strategy but improving your email technology platform, list quality and messaging is the best way to get the most ROI.  

Email Subject Lines Matter Big Time

If a subject line is low quality, it will achieve a poor open rate, so it’s really important to get it right. We touched upon the subject briefly in our retailer newsletter experiment, but here I am going to go into more detail about best practice, because so many retailers are still getting it wrong.

The following tips are crafted from personal experience (I subscribe to A LOT of marketing emails), research by MailChimp conducted this year, and advice from the experts. See the full article here

EMAIL Marketing Deliverability Troubleshooting Guide for AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud

Deliverability is a moving target, and identifying why your message doesn't reach the inbox isn't always clear. The goal of this guide is to help illustrate how specific ISPs handle incoming mail, and share how messages can be optimized for better deliverability. If you are having difficulty with deliverability to all ISPs, you may want to take a look at sender reputation best practices and check out how your ESP protects deliverability. Before a message is delivered, the ISP must determine a) if the sender is legitimate, b) where the message should be placed, and c) if the recipient wants to receive the message. Each ISP has a different approach to inbox placement, filtering, whitelisting, and handling recipient actions.

The ESP Landscape Is Going Through a Time of Tremendous Change

by Marco Marini

We are in the midst of such sweeping change right now in the world of digital marketing that it can sometimes be hard to keep up.

We work closely with many email service providers and related vendors, so we see the changes firsthand. And a lot of changes are taking place…