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All-In-One Enterprise Healthcare & Hospital Marketing SaaS

IMPGo is designed to meet the needs of Healthcare organizations, providing a secure and efficient cloud-based SaaS tool. Our Integrated Marketing Portal makes it simple for you to manage your brand image, digital assets, and digital/print marketing all in one place. Not only will using our platform improve your organization’s visibility and strengthen its branding potential but it can also boost employee morale!


Faster Marketing and Lower Costs

Speed up your marketing results without increasing your staff’s workload while reducing expenses in multiple budget categories by utilizing advanced software that takes less time and manual oversight to accomplish more goals faster.


Brand Control

Streamline your entire brand identity by managing all of the necessary assets, from guidelines to photos, media and templates, in an intuitive platform with built-in editor features. Get organized quickly and easily while keeping a unified look for your entire organization!


Enterprise Ownership

Secure data ownership and never lose control of your marketing information by utilizing full-time staff, freelancers, or agencies. Maintain comprehensive possession over all data points throughout the entire marketing process for a strong first party database that you can rely on long term.


Digitize the Enterprise and
Integrate Your Marketing

Keep everyone on the same page. Ensure your marketing team’s success by avoiding miscommunication and improve workflow. Leverage our powerful software to take your medical business to the next level of digital communications.


Ready to See IMPGO for yourself?


IMPGo was developed to be flexible, customizable, simple and scalable solving your biggest marketing headaches.

  • Built By Marketing Professionals for Marketing Professionals
  • Our Marketing SaaS is ready to be used right away and can be tailored to your needs, whether you choose our cloud or yours.
  • Our secure and modular platform is designed to seamlessly integrate and evolve with your ever-changing needs.

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