How IMPGo Simplifies Brand Management and Improves Efficiency for Hospitals

Managing multiple brands and marketing campaigns can overwhelm the fast-paced, highly regulated healthcare industry. Hospital marketing professionals face challenges such as brand visibility, regulatory compliance, and budget constraints. IMPGo offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies brand management and improves efficiency, allowing hospitals to focus on their core mission of providing excellent, personalized patient care. This article describes how IMPGo helps hospitals streamline their marketing efforts and save significant costs.


The Challenges of Healthcare Brand Marketing

Healthcare marketers encounter numerous obstacles, including:

  • Tight Budgets: Limited financial resources make allocating sufficient funds for marketing and advertising complex.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to HIPAA and ADA regulations can complicate the creation and distribution of marketing materials.
  • Limited Resources: Many healthcare organizations need more creative and content resources to produce high-quality marketing materials.
  • Competing Priorities: Balancing patient care, community outreach, and financial performance often leaves marketing efforts underprioritized.
  • Diverse Communication Channels: Managing multiple channels, such as print, email, digital advertising, and social media, requires substantial effort and coordination.


How IMPGo Addresses These Challenges

IMPGo provides a unified platform that helps healthcare organizations overcome these challenges by offering:

  • Faster Marketing and Communication: IMPGo’s multichannel marketing and creative features allow hospitals to meet deadlines with fewer steps and more automation, making it accessible to a broader range of users due to its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Cost Reduction: By leveraging cloud technology and integrated brand management tools, IMPGo reduces the need for expensive in-house and external creative resources, streamlining workflows and cutting costs.
  • Enhanced Brand Control: A single source of brand identity, guidelines, photos, images, and editable templates ensures consistency across all media channels, saving time and resources.
  • Organizational Empowerment: IMPGo empowers employees, agencies, and partners with access to the organization’s brand resources, eliminating the need to recreate marketing assets and ensuring brand consistency.



Real-World Savings: A Case Study of NYC Major Hospital

Let’s look at a case study of a significant hospital client that saved millions by using IMPGo:

Business Cards

  • Old Way: $100 each
  • New Way with IMPGo: $50 each
  • Savings: $50 per card for 2,475 business cards
  • Total Savings: $123,750

Logos and Photos

  • Old Way: $50 each
  • New Way with IMPGo: Instant access at no cost
  • Savings: $50 per request for 21,500 requests
  • Total Savings: $1.1 million

Templates and Approvals

  • Old Way: $200 per request
  • New Way with IMPGo: $100 per request
  • Savings: $100 per request for 10,900 requests
  • Total Savings: $1.09 million

Total Estimated Savings: $2.31 million

Using IMPGo, the hospital saved approximately $2.31 million over two years, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Benefits of IMPGo for Hospitals

  • Improved Recruitment: IMPGo streamlines the creation of compelling brand resources that attract talent and efficiently onboard new employees.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Providing employees with easy access to marketing tools and resources boosts satisfaction and encourages positive brand promotion.
  • Better Communication: A single employee data and communications platform simplifies information dissemination and enhances engagement.
  • Enterprise Ownership: IMPGo ensures that marketing data remains within the organization, reducing the risk of data loss and maintaining brand integrity.


Implementation and Integration

Implementing IMPGo is straightforward:

  • Define Goals: Establish clear objectives for what you want to achieve with IMPGo.
  • Choose the Right Plan: Select the plan that best meets your organization’s needs and budget.
  • Integrate with Existing Systems: Ensure seamless integration with your current systems and workflows.
  • Train Staff: Provide comprehensive training to all users.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Regularly assess performance and refine strategies based on data insights.



IMPGo provides a powerful solution and a dedicated hospital support team to streamline brand management and enhance marketing efficiency. By simplifying marketing processes, reducing costs, and ensuring brand consistency, IMPGo empowers healthcare organizations to focus on their core mission of delivering excellent patient care. Ready to transform your hospital’s marketing efforts? Visit IMPGo/contact us to start your free trial or get a personalized demo today.