We at Marena Cosmos have made marketing our way of life. With over 100 years of combined business wisdom, we can honestly say we have seen a lot happen in marketing technology. We have put that experience and wisdom into one great platform, our IMP. (Integrated Marketing Portal)


Our Goal

Build the best technology platform to help our clients market better, faster, with less effort and more intelligence.  

We Provide

Everything necessary to make your Integrated Marketing Portal and marketing campaigns a huge success.

Our platform has been developed to streamline the marketing process by bringing together your critical data, creative brand identity and marketing communications under all one roof. Imagine being able to design, print, mail and email compelling materials in minutes and track your campaign results all with a few clicks.  Our portal can be set-up in weeks and customized to work the way your business works.


Key Features Include:

  • Individual Dashboard for Users and Teams

  • Send Out Email Campaigns in Minutes

  • Order Direct Mail Campaigns in Minutes

  • Track and Control Spending by Users and Teams

  • Get all the Response Data to Print and Email Campaigns in One Place

  • Design Templates that Auto Populate with Your Product Details, No More Copy and Pasting or Re-Typing

  • Approval Workflow Built-In. Enabling Admins to Approve or Reject Marketing Campaigns 

  • Open Platform with Lots of Flexibility

  • Fastest and Easiest Marketing Platform Available

  • Backed by Professional Marketers 

  • Integrates with most CRM platforms 

  • Mobile and Responsive Ready 

  • Flexible Support Plans Available


Our Integrated Marketing Portal helps you connect the dots and your data.

Take a look at our easy to use interface. Designed with you and your team in mind...efficient and straight-forward. Of course, your company's will be Custom branded, with your unique templates and requirements.