Unifying Enterprise Corporate Print and Digital Messaging across all Departments, Divisions on a Global Scale for Emergency Preparedness

Email can be enormously effective at sending pertinent communications across an entire enterprise quickly so that all employees get the necessary information and messages almost instantly. However, when it comes to external messaging, email is effective, but at times not reaching everyone, everywhere. So messaging, via print and digital media can get a little more difficult as the messages and output all need to stay unified and the content needs to be updated with ease and at a fraction of the time. Traditional methods take time. IMPGO unified messaging platform does not… this includes managing, creating and producing cross media messaging and communications:

Emergency Messaging Requirements May Include but are not limited to:

– Public Physical Signage
– Posters
– Print handouts and flyers and other direct mail communications
– Email messaging to customers, employees and suppliers
– Website emergency banner ads and other updated communications
– Website content updates and blog postings
– Social media messaging

Through the use of a unified communications platform like IMPGO a company can provide the PRINT, DIGITAL, WEBSITE AND APP communications they need at scale in less time in a unified way.


The Integrated marketing portal (IMPGO) was developed for the sole purpose of unifying enterprise branding and messaging across Print and Digital channels in an effort to lower the costs and improve the effectiveness of marketing and communications management. In today’s corporate marketing departments, CMO’s use 100s of different marketing technologies according to several reports, and new ones are added daily. The complexity and costs associated are growing out of control, leaving many marketing professionals wondering if there’s a better way. IMPGO is the better way.
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