IMPGo Features Explained – What is Included in the Free Trial and What Is Not?

IMPGo - Enterprise Brand Marketing Cloud SaaS

Thanks for your interest in IMPGo and our features and pricing. We know IMPGo does a lot for your Brand Marketing, Digital Asset Management, Marketing Communications, and Advertising Management, and we want to help guide you through making the best use of the features available in IMPGo. As a reminder, our platform is uniquely modular and highly customizable, see more information about our pricing and features below.


IMPGo Pricing

Free – Try our IMPGo for 30 days free! You can add as many users as you would like to test-drive IMPGo.

Basic – $25 per user every month (or get billed annually for $270 per user)

Plus – $60 per user every month (or get billed annually for $648 per user)

Advance – $100 per user every month (or get billed annually for $1080 per user), HIPAA compliance, and additional customizations are also available with this plan.

For more information on our pricing please see our pricing page.


IMPGo Features

Users – Individuals can effortlessly log in using their social media credentials via Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft 365, create a new IMPGo account, or utilize a username and password established during sign-up. Users can also update their account details through the dashboard. IMPGo is an asset for marketing departments aiming to furnish all employees with a centralized marketing hub. This hub encapsulates everything related to the brand or brands, including digital asset management, marketing templates, and channels for disseminating marketing messages and advertisements, thereby streamlining brand consistency and marketing efforts.

Onboarding – The process of user and admin onboarding facilitates the initial setup for you, your team, and other users on the IMPGo platform. In the Free and Basic plans, onboarding is instant, granting access to a myriad of features for creating a brand center, marketing hub, digital asset management system, template portal, or however you envision your IMPGo installation. For those seeking more guided setup, configuration, and customization, the Plus and Advanced plans are recommended. Here, we offer comprehensive onboarding assistance, ensuring a seamless transition to the IMPGo platform tailored to meet your enterprise needs, all without the stress and fuss. 

Deployment Options – IMPGo SaaS can be swiftly deployed and fully managed on our AWS cloud infrastructure with our Free and Basic solutions. However, if you prefer deploying this solution on your own cloud or on-premise, our Plus and Advanced solutions would likely be the more fitting choices for you and your organization, offering a tailored deployment that aligns with your infrastructure preferences.

Duration of Free Trial and Transition to Basic Account – Our free trial lasts for 30 days, after which you can seamlessly transition to a Basic Account. Should you wish to upgrade from a Basic to a Plus or Advanced account, we can facilitate this transition smoothly. If you choose to cancel your trial, you will not be billed for a Basic account and will have 90 days to retrieve or remove any files you have uploaded or created during your Free trial period.

Single Sign-On – You can establish a Free Trial and Basic Account using MS 365, Google, or LinkedIn credentials, or opt for creating a username and password without linking your IMPGo to social media accounts. If you register via one of the specified Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, you can enjoy automatic login with that account. For custom SSO or OAuth login configurations tailored to your organization, we offer support in setting this up, included in our Plus and Advanced plans, ensuring a streamlined access management experience.

Additional Users – During the Free trial, you can invite others; however, their access will be limited to the 30-day period from the original account creation. In the Basic, Plus, and Advanced plans, you have the freedom to invite as many users as desired. By doing so, you agree to the terms and conditions, and will be billed for any new users in the subsequent month’s billing cycle, ensuring a straightforward expansion of user access within your organization.

Storage – The Free plan permits up to 2 GB of file storage. To obtain more storage, transition to the Basic plan by accepting its terms and conditions, unlocking 100 GB of storage. For further storage needs, additional 1 TB blocks can be purchased at $5 per month. For secure, HIPAA-compliant, or customized storage solutions, consider our Plus and Advanced plans which are tailored to meet diverse storage requirements.

Annual Contract Discount – We are presently extending a 10% discount on the purchase of annual contracts. These promotional rates are subject to change and may vary in the future, offering either higher or lower discount options during different promotional periods.

Payment Reminder – You will receive an invoice 10 days before the end of each month for the upcoming month’s invoice. You may cancel your IMPGo 30 days prior to this period and you will not be invoiced the following month. If you do not renew or you cancel you will be reminded in 30, 60 80, and 90 days that your data and account will be removed upon nonpayment. 

Contacts and Address Book – IMPGo offers a streamlined solution for storing mailing addresses, direct mail, and email contacts. Our Plus and Advanced plans extend the capability to track your social media contacts as well. Utilize these addresses for dynamic content, easily published to your templates. Manage your contacts effectively, directing specific mail and email campaigns towards them, and subsequently track campaign performance and individual responses, fostering a well-organized and responsive communication strategy.

Brand Manager – This segment of IMPGo enhances traditional brand guidelines, empowering you to delineate brand directives and disseminate essential information, ensuring all creations within IMPGo adhere to your brand’s standards regarding colors, fonts, logos, and images. With our Plus and Advanced plans, evolve your Brand Manager into a dynamic brand guidelines rulebook, shareable and updatable on-demand to reflect your evolving brand identity.

Media Manager – The media manager section of IMPGo controls the Images, Logos, Photography, Icons, Video and Audio files that are in your IMPGo. Create folders, categories and tag your media and then share it with whomever you want. If your an administrator you can also use our powerful built in photo and video editing software so you never have to leave IMPGo. Create different size, versions, file formates the built in editor gives you all the tools you need to edit your images and share them back with a team, user or everyone in your enterprise in seconds. The media manager has been organized to include these major sections but in the Plus and Advanced version any of these sections can be defined uniquely to fit your organization.

  • Image Manager 
  • Logo Manager
  • Photo Manager
  • Video Manager
  • Audio Manager

InDesign Import – IMPGo houses a robust tool for importing your InDesign IDML files, enabling the creation of templates within IMPGo with limited editing and dynamic update capabilities. Customization of this feature necessitates collaboration with our template professionals to fine-tune the details. Presently in a limited testing phase, we are actively working to enhance this feature in our IMPGo solution. For inquiries or projects necessitating large-scale InDesign template implementation, please feel free to reach out.

Product / Listing / Database – IMPGo serves as a comprehensive web-based content management database solution, adept at handling a variety of content including products, services, property listings, and content warehouses. Built atop the open-source and Magento 2.x platforms, it boasts seamless integration with any database. IMPGo is crafted to assist large workgroups in generating creative templates, auto-populating them from the content database, significantly saving time on design and content organization. Examples of its versatility include aiding hospitals in managing branded collateral, real estate firms in handling property listings, and retail companies in managing product catalogs. Its prowess in automating content generation makes IMPGo an excellent choice for businesses with extensive catalogs, particularly beneficial for large workgroups focused on producing abundant marketing and branded content.

Print Collateral – IMPGo is engineered to bolster both print and digital marketing initiatives, recognizing the pivotal role of print collateral for a brand. It’s designed to facilitate the creation of print templates, enable web-to-print transactions, and generate print proofs, final print PDFs, and print order instructions, thereby minimizing the likelihood of errors in your print orders. Whether you have a designated print vendor or an in-house print shop, IMPGo simplifies print order generation with attached final print PDFs. For custom print vendor integration, consider upgrading to the IMPGo Plus or Advanced versions.

Direct Mail – IMPGo offers an integrated suite of tools for managing mailing lists, crafting and modifying templates, and orchestrating direct mail campaigns within a streamlined workflow. Equip your representatives, marketing administrators, partners, or brokers with the essentials for dispatching compelling and impactful direct mail effortlessly. IMPGo facilitates a swift transition from design template to direct mail dispatch, optimizing your outreach endeavors.

Address Book – IMPGo’s address book feature allocates a personal address book to each user for managing mailing addresses and crucial contact information of team or department members. This facilitates the automation of business collateral creation such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes which require individual contact details. Moreover, the address book directs the delivery of business collateral to your business location or home office. In our Plus and Advanced plans, we are working towards enabling the import of addresses from your Microsoft Office or Google address books, further enhancing contact management efficiency.

Contacts and List Management – IMPGo empowers you to import mailing lists and contacts, enabling the construction of custom lists for campaign dispatch. Our contact and mailing list manager facilitates list merging, contact copying and moving across lists, while also tracking the engagement and response behavior of each contact, thereby streamlining your campaign management process.

Reporting – IMPGo delivers comprehensive reporting on campaign behavior, expenditure, and contact engagement. Explore behavioral trends across your entire organization or empower individual users to exclusively view the outcomes of their campaigns, facilitating informed decision-making and performance evaluation.

Email Marketing (Not in the Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo houses a robust email list manager, template builder, and a streamlined email editor, ensuring organization-wide email campaigns remain branded and updated. It offers reporting at both corporate and campaign levels, accessible to authorized personnel within the organization. Custom reporting and integration options are also available, enhancing your email marketing oversight and analytics.

Social Media Marketing (Not in the Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo introduces a user-friendly social media creative and posting tool. Posting on social media is simplified — select a template, integrate your products, services or listing data, edit, and post. Monitor engagement through reporting and evaluate contact interactions with your posts. IMPGo demystifies social media marketing, making it accessible for anyone within an enterprise to effectively promote on these platforms.

Help Desk – Orchestrating Marketing, Communications, and Advertising campaigns across an enterprise can be challenging, yet with a robust help desk tool, all requests become organized and manageable. Sidestep fire drills and overlooked emails leading to missed deadlines; embrace a help desk that propels you ahead of issues, keeping you on schedule. The IMPGo 30-day free trial and basic plan offer helpdesk support from our IMPGo team. With our Plus and Advanced plans, acquire a help desk system to aid your staff in managing requests from all IMPGo solution users, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Approval Cycle (Not available in Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo features two distinct approval cycles. The first facilitates onboarding external users via Single Sign-On who aren’t initially part of your organization. The second focuses on creative approval processes. During the consultation phase for new customers enrolling in our Plus or Advanced versions, we delve deeply into your preferred setup for the approval process to ensure alignment with your workflows. This setup is then meticulously tailored according to your specifications, fostering a seamless integration with your existing operational framework.

Budgeting (Not available in Free or Basic Version) – Within IMPGo Plus and Advanced, you can allocate budgets to your users, groups, or teams to either control or encourage marketing and advertising expenditures. These budgets can be set on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, with the flexibility for an administrator to adjust them as needed at any time. Additionally, you can generate reports to monitor budget utilization, detailing expenditure categories and evaluating the outcomes of their campaigns, thereby fostering a well-informed budget management strategy.

HIPAA Compliance (Not available in Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo collaborates with one of the most reputable and secure HIPAA-compliant email and file storage providers. In our IMPGo Plus and Advanced solutions, our consultative approach enables the development of a highly secure and HIPAA-compliant email and file storage framework, safeguarding your data while ensuring end-to-end compliance.

Advanced Marketing Tools and Integrations  (Not in the Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo has been developed from the ground up to connect and integrate with your most important Marketing, Sales, ERP or anything else for that matter. In our consultative process we will discover what tools, api’s and software solutions you currently have and how we can connect with them to make the IMPGo solution effective and useful for everyone in your organization. 

Consulting (Not available in Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo’s inception was driven by crafting solutions tailored to our clients, enabling them to fully leverage their marketing software. Our consultative process, tried and tested, ensures the delivery of the most beneficial marketing software or SaaS tool for your business, enhancing your marketing endeavors.

Cloud SaaS – IMPGo operates as a cloud-based SaaS product offering full management capabilities. The Free and Basic versions reside on Amazon AWS, utilizing EC2, CloudFlare, and SD storage blocks, potentially sharing an EC2 service. For Plus or Advanced plans, we provision a dedicated EC2 environment within our cloud, unless you opt for a different hosting arrangement or your own cloud. This is discussed during our consultative process, ensuring the service environment aligns with your requirements.

On-premises (Not available in Free or Basic Version) – IMPGo offers on-premises setup for those opting for Plus or Advanced solutions. Through our consultative process, we collaborate with you to comprehend your requirements, thereafter designing, engineering, and deploying a solution optimally tailored for your enterprise.

Hopefully, this provides you with a good understanding of the IMPGo features and how they can benefit your organization or enterprise. If you have any questions or are interested in something not mentioned here, just ask us. 


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