Leveraging Healthcare Marketing Automation Technology For Healthcare, Hospital, and Medical Brands

Healthcare marketing technology automation is more important now than ever before. 1,100 senior marketing executives were interviewed for Adobe’s most recent poll, and the findings were not surprising.

“Almost two-thirds (62%) of marketers believe the tools they use to manage marketing operations are out of date and don’t make their lives easier.”

This clearly identifies that there are a lot of different marketing technologies, but many may be outdated.

In this article, we want to help you be prepared as you make choices about implementing new hospital marketing technology and medical marketing automation. 

Let’s begin by first understanding the different categories of marketing automation in healthcare for your healthcare or medical organization to focus on, and how they may be helpful.


Healthcare Marketing Digital Asset Management

Everywhere we look, both online and in the physical world, digital assets are increasingly prevalent. They come in the form of images, logos, photographs, and videos that are delivered to us as ads on billboards, buses, taxi cabs, phone screens, e-mails, and on smart TVs.

For a healthcare business’s marketing department, as well as creative teams and agencies, keeping up with the newest versions of brand images, rules and guidelines, logos, and videos is an endless cycle that requires coordination and production.

In a nutshell, a Digital Asset Management Technology (DAM) is intended to assist healthcare businesses in organizing all of their files and media in one simple to search, arrange, and share interface that should be used by the entire organization. The objective of an effective DAM system is used to reduce the time and effort needed to locate branded files so that labor costs are reduced while marketing efficiency improves, and staff satisfaction increases.


How Can Digital Asset Management Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

If you need anything printed, communicated, or branded for your job in Marketing, Communications, or HR, you may have already realized that one “button” cannot do everything for you nor will anything get created immediately. Some of the most challenging parts are locating the creative assets and the guidelines for using them.

Many hospital marketing and communications departments receive the majority of their requests for staff help through emails or forms. Though this is convenient, it can also be time-consuming and expensive for the team who has to then process these requests.

By streamlining this creative and production process, you can save your healthcare and hospital organizations a lot of money in wasted resources. A digital asset management system helps store corporate communications and creative files, images, logos, presentations, and documents so your organization can keep track, store, and share them more easily.

With a good DAM in place, you’ll be able to dispense with emails or other file-sharing services that often lead to lost versions or regulatory issues related to important files.


Healthcare Brand Management Platform

A Healthcare Brand Management Platform is designed to help a larger business manage the brand standards of an organization. This is not just for the corporate entity but also for its many subordinate entities, goods, and service lines.

The Healthcare Brand Management Platform is a recent innovation in healthcare digital technology that aids with the proliferation of the branding craze. It assists a company to stay up-to-date, informed, and on the same page with the most up-to-date brand standards and associated digital files necessary to market their brands consistently. 

This consistency results in what’s called brand cohesion, and ultimately, a more successful and organized healthcare brand.


How Can a Healthcare Brand Management Platform Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

A successful Healthcare Brand Management Platform acts as the centralized brand repository with clear standards, helpful and relevant digital assets, and templates that allow users to create and display all branded forms. This assists a healthcare organization in achieving its branding objectives, as well as cutting costs with internal and external resources.


Medical Marketing Automation

Early medical marketing automation was a lot like automated billing statements. Marketing communications and promotions would be set up to go out automatically, typically through email.

Automated programs are used as “win back” campaigns that are automated to send you deals that gradually decrease in size, with the first one being a coupon that gives you 10% off by the fifth offer, which is 35% off. If you click the marketer knows when your “Win back” threshold has been reached.

Email campaigns play a significant role in getting people to subscribe, donate, or join something. Medical marketing automation is very powerful, but it needs extra strategy and planning to create an effective program–something that goes beyond the features of the technology. Medical marketing automation may improve and expand a healthcare company, or it might be a financial drain if the approach of implementation is neglected or fails.


How Can Medical Marketing Automation Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Hospital and healthcare marketing have most likely collaborated with a marketing automation agency or technology provider to evaluate healthcare marketing technology automation. However, many businesses still find it difficult to implement the technology across the company due to the complexity and technical competence required.

Medical marketing automation can help hospitals with their fundraising and event promotions, as well as remind patients to get their annual checkups. Pharma companies use healthcare marketing technology automation to keep patients informed about their drugs or offers.

Not-for-profit healthcare organizations and hospitals use creative marketing automation  to support their fundraising efforts. Using creative marketing automation to send personalized communications, such as newsletters and events, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays


Healthcare File Sharing Platform

Multiple software brands enable users to share files with others. Three of the more popular options are DropBox, Google Drive, and Apple I Drive. They boast unique features, but all three provide a way for one user to securely share folders or files with other users.

If you want to share files with people who don’t have an account on the service, you can create a “shared link.” By sending this type of link to anyone, they’ll be given access to the file or folder that you’ve  chosen to share with them.

Although file-sharing platforms have their benefits, such as easily moving files that email systems normally wouldn’t allow delivery of because the file might be a security breach or too large, they also have limitations. For example, data siloing and potential security issues.


How Can a Healthcare File Sharing Platform Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

In general, no healthcare organization, office, or hospital today is without a file-sharing platform or technology. For good reason, they are simple to use. However, there are methods for your company to securitize and retain control of these technologies.

Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox all provide business solutions for enterprises where IT professionals can secure and back up these services to reduce the chances of file loss or hacking.


Healthcare Email Service Provider

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are by far the most popular email service providers. Email service providers are technology solutions that can assist in the design and delivery of healthcare email marketing campaigns, digital newsletters, and other forms of mass marketing communications.

Most email service providers offer a solution for managing your contact lists and blast emails, as well as reporting metrics to show how effective your campaigns are. Additionally, it’s important that the provider you choose can help you manage an opt-in list via forms or other means of data collection

Many consumers within an organization often set up many different email service providers, making it difficult for a marketing, brand, or product manager to manage a certain mailing list. Managing potential customers in a CRM and an email service provider can become complicated, especially if multiple agencies or salespeople are using different providers. This creates a situation where one person’s information could be stored in multiple places, making it difficult to get a clear picture of who they are and what interests them.

Creating multiple accounts with different email service providers (ESPs) can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage. To avoid this, come up with a cohesive contact management strategy beforehand that everyone in the company agrees to follow. This will make it much easier to keep track of all your contacts and prevent any accidental duplication or loss of data.


How Can a Healthcare Email Service Provider Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Email is still the most trusted and effective form of marketing communications and advertising, especially when a user has opted into an organization. This is particularly true for healthcare brands that are already trusted by users.

A successful email marketing program requires a well-thought-out contact management strategy. This workflow will help you keep tidy mailing lists and client relationships, so your email marketing campaigns perform better.


All-In-One Healthcare Marketing Tool or Integrated Marketing Platform

Hospital marketing technology and marketing automation in healthcare are advancing quickly. Having multi-channel brand management in an all-in-one marketing platform is ideal in today’s digital world.

IMPGo is an excellent illustration of a multi-purpose marketing platform with a single sign-in that provides access to all the tools needed for brand management, marketing communications, and advertising. Having a single marketing platform is an excellent way for healthcare organizations to not only increase their visibility and marketing impressions but also gain brand awareness and boost their digitization strategy.

This is because the platform provides all of the necessary resources that anyone in the organization could need, on-demand rather than when marketing has time. This allows product managers, marketing managers, digital marketers, HR, and everyone else in the organization to get their jobs done more effectively.


How Can an Integrated Marketing Platform Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Unlike other industries, healthcare marketing technology automation is at the forefront of digital marketing technology. However, even though these technologies are widely used today, they still come with a lot of challenges.

For example, older and slower workflows have to be abandoned in favor of new digital ones that an integrated system can provide. The brand visibility of healthcare, the regulatory approval processes, and general advertising can often be seen as a burden due to the amount of paperwork and legalities involved.

However, not taking these measures can result in corners being cut which could lead to hefty fines or worse, uninformed patients. The IMPGo integrated marketing system provides a technology management platform complete with approval workflows to hold stakeholders accountable while they produce engaging materials to advertise new hospitals, drugs, or healthcare programs.


Healthcare AI Marketing Tools

With the recent advancement in hospital marketing technology, there has been an increasingly high demand for AI or Artificial Intelligence in businesses. This can do anything from helping you with stocks, to what music suits your taste and now, who would be most receptive to your marketing campaign or targeted ads.

With the recent influx of new AI tools for hospitals and healthcare organizations, many healthcare marketing and advertising professionals are reluctant to invest without fully understanding the benefits. As an experienced marketing automation agency, we understand how to leverage AI for maximum benefits.


How Can Healthcare AI Marketing Tools Help My Hospital or Healthcare Organization?

Many hospitals and healthcare organizations are already experimenting with AI tools, as they provide professionals with additional assistance that may have been needed from additional employees.

This is a benefit to early adopters who get the most out of these technologies since they will be able to devote more resources to future healthcare and improved care. The assistance that AI marketing tools can provide to a marketing team is a good example of this, such as tools that help you create headlines for your campaigns. These headlines may be more exciting than the old boilerplate copy your organization has been churning out.

But what’s more exciting, is that AI can compile lists to help you tailor your messaging for a more personalized level of care, something both healthcare providers and patients strive for.


How Can IMPgo Help My Hospital, Healthcare Organization, or Pharmaceutical Brand?

For over 30 years, IMPgo has been assisting healthcare organizations,  hospital marketers, and brand and communications managers with some of the world’s most renowned medical companies. We have extensive experience in hospital marketing technology, healthcare brand management, and access to some of the most advanced marketing automation in healthcare.

Schedule a meeting and we will help you find the best healthcare marketing solution for your organization.