IMPGo: Why Marketing Automation Is Key To Your Enterprise Marketing Success

As marketing departments are asked to take on more channels of advertising and communications with fewer resources, marketing automation tools have become a must-have. While you may be familiar with email marketing automation, you can automate all aspects of digital and traditional marketing. 

Let’s look at marketing automation, a few must-have marketing technology workflows, and critical benefits your organization will see upon implementing an automation solution and strategy. 


What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a blanket term for any solution, software, or tool that enables a company to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows while increasing operational efficiency and growing revenue quickly. 

This software technology is designed for marketing more effectively on multiple channels and automating repetitive tasks. Automation allows teams to scale and improve their Account based marketing initiatives, SEO campaigns and overall digital marketing return. Initially created for large enterprises, marketing automation tools have become more common and scalable for small and medium-sized businesses. 


Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Save Time – Automated software handles many of the time-consuming aspects of digital marketing, from sending emails to SMS messages and other types of project-specific communications, saving your business time. 
  • Reduce Costs – If marketing automation saves you time, then it will also save you money. Your staff will spend less time on time-consuming tasks, and you can use employees more effectively to cut down on costs in other areas. 
  • Increase Revenue – While marketing automation saves time and money, it also increases digital marketing revenue. Automation allows more robust messaging, quicker customer response time, and segmented messaging encouraging customers to make more purchases.
  • Scalability – Investing in a MarTec stack that can support your short and long-term growth is vital for revenue growth. A custom marketing hub like IMPGO will allow you to integrate more tools as your needs grow.
  • Better Collaboration Between Teams – Automation enables various groups to access information through the automated software easily. Using automated software makes communication easier between different channels.


All-in-One Enterprise Marketing Technology

You’ve most likely heard of popular automation tools such as HubSpot, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Salesforce, IMPGO and Constant Contact. Some of these tools do one thing, such as social media or email marketing, while others can manage multiple marketing channels. 

Effectively using marketing technology to understand the customer, drive engagement, and measure ROI has become a top priority for marketers. Your marketing automation technology needs to support multiple workflows to reach buyers and existing customers across the entire customer journey. 

IMPGO (Integrated Marketing Portal), the all-in-one Customizable MarTech automation platform aligns enterprise marketing and sales with finance and IT on a single customizable SaaS platform. A collaborative tool, IMPGO bridges the gap between print and digital marketing while integrating brand, content, and asset management for enterprise marketing and sales automation. Customized and flexible to fit the most complex workflows, IMPGO is a game changer in marketing automation platforms.

Marketing Automation & Collaboration

Sales and marketing work together on one easy-to-use integrated platform. Design, schedule, and analyze social media campaigns across multiple platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Target key segmentations with personalized messaging to create leads and drive sales growth. You can also design beautiful print marketing collateral and presentations.

Digital Asset Management

IMPGO’s digital asset management tools let the entire organization access approved brand assets and guidelines eliminating duplication of assets. Administrators can control user access with role-based permissions and maintain an up-to-date asset library. Intuitive search features make it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Enterprise Reports Instantly

The reporting tool instantly generates reports across marketing channels for users, teams, sales, and marketing. Export reports to most file types, including PDF, CSV, and XLSX, so you don’t have to download new software. With reporting, sales and marketing teams can analyze key performance indicators most relevant to campaign success. 

Consistent Branding Across Channels

One SaaS platform allows marketing, sales, and independent contractors to achieve consistent messaging. User-friendly tools enable your teams to create uniform sales collateral, email campaigns, social media, signage, and more. Store your logo, brand guidelines, and font libraries in one easy-to-access location. And, custom-designed templates allow non-designers to create attractive campaigns. 


Customized to Fit Your Enterprise Business

Our discovering, engineering, design and programming process allows us to work with you to configure and customize your integrated marketing platform to fit your business needs. Our team understands your unique business proposition to your clients and your unique workflows, our goal is to automate this so you can gain a competitive advantage. 


In Conclusion

Having the right technology in the right place of your marketing stack will bring success to your entire marketing strategy. To gain the most benefits from your marketing technology provider, you need a platform that has structured data sets, real-time insights and allows for automation across multiple channels. 

Developed for customization, IMPGO enables you to add features and integrations to your marketing hub as your business grows. Evaluate your current process, identify friction points in executing campaigns, and then build a custom solution that can include email, social media, digital asset management, and print marketing.


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